About Us

We are based in Lecarrow, Co. Roscommon on the N61, 17 km. north of Athlone. We operate boat tours, boat and bike hire from Lecarrow Harbour.

There are many places of scenic beauty and historical interest close to Lecarrow.
Mount Plunkett Biodiversity Farm is a treasure in the area. Mount Plunkett Nature Reserve is a farm of land containing 40.5 acres of which 37 acres is an SAC (special area of conservation), with a 600 metres of canal frontage.
The Nature reserve provides a perfect habitat to numerous species of animals such as barn owls, kestrel, lapwing, kingfisher, pheasants, ducks, frogs, badgers and many more! Visit their Blog



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St John’s Wood on the banks of Lough Ree for over 7000 years, makes it one of the most ancient post ice-age forests in Ireland.

Rindoon Castle Built in 1227 by King Henry III of England, and ‘the deserted town’, are one of the most important complexes of Medieval monuments in the Country. Plan your visit here

Quaker Island also known as Inchcleraun was a monastic settlement founded in 540AD by St Diarmuid. There are 7 churches a bell tower on the island. Lecarrow Walking Club recently took a tour for photos.

Lecarrow Harbour is a popular stopping point for people cruising the Shannon River where they can find moorings, facilities, refreshments and a restaurant in the village.